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 22  International News & IAOPA Connecting with colleagues AOPA Germany has many Online events that can be attended as member and as non-member. If you are looking to use the time being and to con- nect with fellow pilots, have a look at the exten- sive list of online courses, trainings and work- shops: AOPA Talks AOPA Austria conducts regular talks which can be watched on their website. It will keep you in- formed, entertained, and provides you with an insight into the topics regarding GA in our neigh- boring countries: Order the 2021 IGOM online The IATA Ground Operations Manual (IGOM) standardizes ground handling processes and procedures to reduce the complexity between working with multiple airlines, airports and ground service providers. Standardizing ground and ramp operations for airlines can help drive down costs, reduce the risk of aircraft damages and simplify training requirements. The manual has been updated with the new processes, rules and requirements including to COVID-19 content and published now: Activity remains mixed According to recent numbers, business aviation activity remains mixed, with North American op- erations showing signs of improvement, down just 12 percent in February from a year earlier, while European operations dropped 31.7 per- cent at the same time, according to business aviation analyst International. In Europe, flights across all aircraft categories were down year- over-year in February, with large jet activity plunging 43.9 percent and turboprop operations down 28.3 percent. Light jets marked the small- est year-over-year drop, with operations down 21.3 percent from February 2020. More opportunity for General Aviation Meanwhile, in the Aviation Week, Molly McMillin answers the question if reduced airline capacity  E-Learning is key for many in 2021 

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