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 International News & IAOPA
AOPA: a wide range of webinars and E-Trainings
With all the downfalls and negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, there are a few positive things that result from it. One of these is the fact that online trainings and learnings are now more available than ever and also widely accepted. The AOPA network is particularly strong in deliv- ering E-courses to its members. If you are inter- ested, you will find many webinars, trainings and classes in English from many AOPA country organisations. also offers a wide selec- tion, see for example on its website here.
Updated Easy Access Rules for Drones
The European Union Aviation Safety Agency has published a new revision of the Easy Access Rules for Drones. The document is generated through the eRules platform and will be updat- ed regularly to incorporate further changes and evolutions to its content. You will find it here.
EASA-FAA Industry-Regulator AM Event
From November 8 to November 12, the EA- SA-FAA Industry Regulator AM event will be held, hosted by EASA. Due to remaining Corona re- strictions it will be held via WebEx running for 3.5–4 hours each day in the afternoons from 15:30 – 19:30 hrs. The goal is tol continue to build on the outcomes of the successful 2015–2020 workshops, while striving to offer new coverage and technical insights based on the most recent developments in the area of Q&C for AM. Upon completion of the event, the proceedings will be made available to the public on the EASA web- site here.
Girls in Aviation Day 2021:
Nearly 10,000 Attendees
“Our primary goal is to introduce girls ages 8 to 17 to all the career opportunities aviation and aerospace offer”, says WAI CEO Allison McKay. «We go beyond piloting careers and include air traffic controllers, astronauts, mechanics, engi- neers, technicians, designers and more.» With 85 individual events presented worldwide, Women in Aviation International’s 25 Girls in Avi- ation Day 2021 reached nearly 10,000 attendees. While a majority of events were held in person, many were organized for virtual gatherings through the use of the Aviation for Girls App and additional video content. The events are taking place throughout September and October.
A Swiss Tradition
In one of his blog posts for AOPA, Garrett Fisher again shed light on peculiar traditions and expe- riences of flying in and over Switzerland. «In late winter of 2021, I discovered a Swiss tradition of sorts, where the national aero club creates a
 “Roughly the halfway point: Grand Goliat, Switzerland (10,623′), with Italy on the other side of the ridge and France on the right horizon.” Photo by Garrett Fisher /

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