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Pilots in the UK: Deadlines and Dates
The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and De- partment for Transport (DfT) are urging aviation and aerospace businesses to apply for UK certi- fication and personnel licenses to continue op- erating and maintaining UK-registered aircraft after 31 December 2022.
To help industry the CAA has today launched a campaign to remind pilots, engineers, European Union (EU) registered maintenance and training organizations of the actions they must take now to prepare for 31 December 2022 – when the UK will stop accepting EU organizational approvals and personnel licenses for use with UK-regis- tered aircraft.
The EU Withdrawal Act allowed certificate types, including pilot and engineer licenses, as well as maintenance and training organizations ap-
«After 31 December 2022 EU aviation safety certificates will no longer be accepted in the UK, and
it ’s imperative that our industry is aware of this upcoming change to ensure the future viability
provals, to remain valid in the UK for a period of two years from 31 December 2020. This allowed some flexibility in adjusting to the legal changes post EU Exit, providing stability for passengers, the aviation and aerospace sectors. On 31 De- cember 2022 the validity of these certificates will cease.
To help the industry prepare the CAA has launched a dedicated website with informa- tion on the actions that must be taken in the next 12 months. There is no expectation that the Trade and Corporation Agreement (TCA) be- tween the UK and European Union will be ex- panded to include the areas affected before the end of 2022. It is therefore imperative that an application for a UK application is submitted to the CAA as soon as possible to ensure that the correct documents are processed in time.
Commenting on the campaign launch, the UK Civil Aviation Authority’s Chief Executive, Richard Moriarty, said:
“Whether you are a pilot or an engineer with a European license and currently work with UK-registered aircraft, or think you might wish to in the future, now is the time to apply. Until 31 December 2022 the CAA has simplified the appli- cation process for gaining UK licenses, and we expect demand to be high, so we advise every- one to apply as soon as possible. European or- ganizations wanting to operate and maintain UK-registered aircraft also need to assess how they might be affected by the changes and refer to our website for dedicated informa- tion on how to gain UK licenses.”
of the sector.

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