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 Powerplant. All reports and safety enhance- ments are available here: For the full report, go here:
Jet Aviation buys Zurich FBO and Swiss fleet from Luxaviation
Jet Aviation, the Business aviation services group, expanded its operations in Switzerland and acquired rival Luxaviation’s 17 Swiss-based managed fleet, and the Zurich fixed-base opera- tion of its subsidiary ExecuJet.
A massive pilot shortage?
“A massive pilot shortage is coming”, states Adam Levin-Weinberg in a recent report, in which he sheds light on what this would mean for airlines. Less than a year ago, many U.S. air- lines were offering pilots generous early retire- ment packages, as they maneuvered to stretch their payroll support funds as far as possible. “Since then, air travel demand has come roaring back, particularly in the domestic leisure mar- ket. In recent days, passenger throughput at TSA checkpoints has averaged 75% of 2019 levels – and the summer peak season is just getting un- der way. As a result, the U.S. airline industry could soon face a huge pilot shortage.” Read the full report here:
Virgin Galactic Given FAA Approval for Passenger Spaceflights
Virgin Galactic’s existing operator license for space transportation has been updated by the FAA to include passengers. This move will allow the company to push forward with its space tourism ambitions. Read the full report here: senger-flights. More information also here: www.
Online videos and more
We’ve probably all flown less than we would have liked during the last 18 months. If you get the itching but have to stay at your office desk, you can at least get a bit of the feeling by watch- ing one of AOPA’s flight videos. Check it out here:
 Boeing: SAF as short-term solution
Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) can offer the big- gest carbon-reduction benefit to the industry in the short-term while waiting for new propulsion technologies to mature, according to Boeing. Just recently, an All Nippon Airways (ANA) Dreamliner winged its way from Tokyo to Osaka using a sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) that blended traditional jet fuel with fuel made from microalgae.

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